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How to MASTER the Police Written Exam and Get Started in a Law Enforcement Career, NOW! 

If You Want to Become a Police Officer, We Can Help! In a few short hours you can have the Skills To Get High Test Scores. 

Don't let the test stop you from being a police officer! It's simple: You must have a high score to be considered. The higher your score the higher your position on the eligibility list. Score your best with our complete Police Test Prep Program. 

You'll learn the Strategies and Tactics for getting the Highest Possible Scores! Everything you need to know is included: Complete Self-scoring Practice Exams. Answer Keys -- Proven Tips for Boosting Scores- Passing the Physical Exam. Oral Interview Tips, Memory Aids to Help You Master the Recall Test. Detailed Strategies for Police Judgment Questions. Read more and find out why this program is different from other police test publications.

Your Career in Law Enforcement is Just One GOOD TEST PERFORMANCE, Away! 
Are You doing Everything Possible to Prepare for what may be The MOST IMPORTANT TEST You Ever Take? 

To Get a High Score On The Police Exam you MUST know how to handle Police Situation Questions. With The Police Exam Ebook you'll answer Police Situation/Judgment Questions like an experience POLICE OFFICER!. 

Are You Looking For A Career In LAW ENFORCEMENT?
It's one of the hottest Careers around. Great Salary & Benefits , Job Security. No other occupation offers such rewarding and exciting work- Protecting People, Arresting Criminals. Wearing the Badge Of Honor. It's the dream of millions of men and women. That's why the competition to get hired is so tough. 

Here's How You Can BEAT The Competition and become a Police Officer .
If you're looking for a job in law enforcement, your chance of getting hired directly depends 
on how high you score on the police officer entrance exam. 

Police Exam E-book Will Give You The Edge You Need To Pass   The Entrance Exam! 

Dear Police Force Candidate:

How IMPORTANT is the Police Applicant Test? 

If you WANT TO BE A COP, it may be the MOST IMPORTANT TEST you ever take. 

The Police Officer Entrance Exam is extremely difficult.  A lot of people who take it don't pass.  Passing the written test is not a guarantee of a job, but if you don't pass the test you won't even be considered, and the higher your score is, the better chance you have of getting the job. 

Your test score is easily the most important element of your Police Force application.


The statistics are harsh. Here's an example of the type of competition you'll face; out of 120 people taking the police officer entrance exam, only 42 will pass.  Of those 42, only 12 will be hired. This book will give you the KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY TO PASS THE TEST.

But even with all the proper knowledge, test taking can be 
incredibly difficult.  Even if you prepare you still may do 

"He always wanted to be the a cop." 

"Why isn't he a cop? "

"He's a bright person and works hard, he just doesn't test well." 

Sorry, but testing is the name of the game. 

It's performance under pressure. It doesn't matter how hard you work to prepare for the job, if you don't perform in the test room, you're out of luck. 

By learning the test taking secrets developed by educators and law enforcement professionals you can GET HIGH TEST SCORES. This could be your ticket to a top position on the police eligibility list. 

Research shows that the most successful test takers have a pre-test game plan.  Besides studying, there are certain pre test strategies which highly successful test takers use to prepare for a test. 

We can help you. Our amazing  e-book will not only give you specific knowledge necessary for the police entrance exam, but will teach you UNIVERSAL TEST TAKING TECHNIQUES to ensure your success.

You need to be sure that you will do well on the entrance exam, and our Police Exam E-book Will Give You The Edge You Need To Pass The Entrance Exam With Flying Colors.

"I am extremely interested in anything you publish in the future. Because of your E book, I have already improved my test taking skills and scores. My scores are going up higher with each test I take. I have already learned a lot about police policies and procedures. Thanks again, I appreciate it"
A. Leonard

"Your material will be very useful. I was so pleased to see that someone had material via the Internet! It was easy to purchase. Thanks for going the extra mile, I really appreciate it. I will recommend the Police Exam Ebook to others!"   Thanks, Rayberta Jenkins

"Thank you very much for your help. I will make sure everyone I know in law enforcement finds out about your ebook. It is truly the best one out there and I've seen many." A Perez

The Police Exam E-book is a complete Home Study Course that prepares the Police Candidate for all segments of the Police Entrance Exam . 


Our new 32 chapter e-book for police force candidates contains strategies, tips and insider secrets for achieving top scores on the police applicant written test, as well as FOUR PRACTICE TESTS with answers.

Although it is federally mandated that you're not required to know police procedures when taking law enforcement entrance exams, many test makers conclude that questions of police 
procedure are really just common sense, and therefore include them in the test. 

However, what most people consider to be common sense is not always the best answer in police situations. 

To REALLY DO WELL on police judgment questions you NEED MORE than just common sense. The reason that friends and relatives of police officers do well, is because they're familiar with police language and police thinking. 

Learn To Think Like A Cop!

Why do friends of police officers and police family members do so well on the police exam? Because they know how cops think. 

We will be YOUR friend inside the force. The author of our manual has 25 years of police experience, and his expertise will help you get through those tough questions of judgment. 

Let's face it we all learned basic math and English in high school, leaving the most unfamiliar 
territory in the entrance exam the police judgment questions. That's why a major part of the 
ebook is devoted to Police Judgment Questions. 

 From this ebook:

  • You'll learn the strategies of top test takers, including how they prepare for a test, how they actually take a test and WHAT THEY KNOW that others don't. We'll  show you techniques for handling a variety of test question types including multiple choice, reading comprehension, math, and police judgment.
  • You'll learn how to find clues within multiple choice questions which will lead you to the correct answers.
  • You'll learn how to watch for key words in reading comprehension questions.
  • You'll brush up your math skills.
  • You'll also learn exactly what type of police judgment answers the examiners are looking for. Each police judgment question has been analyzed by an expert with over 25 years experience in law enforcement, so you'll learn exactly how to tackle tough questions dealing with arrests, search and seizure, use of force, vehicle pursuits, Miranda Rights, and Police rules and procedures.
  • You'll get an incredibly detailed section devoted to explaining important and controversial police subjects. This information is vitally important in helping police candidates with police situation and judgment questions on both the written and oral exams.
  • Plus, you'll be given FOUR PRACTICE TESTS, each with an answer key. The answer keys will not just give you the correct answers, but will explain why each answer is correct, therefore giving you even more insight into the way a successful police officer thinks.
You'll get an INSIDERS view of what the correct responses and reactions should be to difficult police situation questions. You'll get the benefit of the author's 25 years of experience. Much of that time spent in police supervision.  He's helped police departments, police supervisors, and training  officers across the country with their employee evaluation programs. He's also helped one of the worlds largest technical schools, Technikon,  SA  , develop a course of study in the police leadership/management field. 


Just One Of The Test Tips Could Make The Difference In Determining Whether Your Score Is High Enough To Get Hired! 


Our techniques are tried and true.  One of the educators who developed this test taking system took a college level exam in a subject he knew nothing about. He chose his answers by looking 
for clues within the questions.  The results were amazing. He scored a 72%, where many students taking the same test failed even though they had the advantage of a full semester of course study. 

Just think of the HIGH SCORE you will get if you know these TEST TAKING SECRETS.

We guarantee that, if you learn the concepts and principles in this e-book, you will MASTER THE ART OF TEST TAKING and considerably IMPROVE your test scores. You'll gain a huge EDGE over the competition. 

By learning these special TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES you'll not only reach your full test taking potential but EXCEED it. Giving YOU the best chance to get HIRED

What The Written Exam Is Like 

Most law enforcement written exams test the following basic skills and aptitudes. 

  • How well you understand what you read 
  • Your ability to follow directions 
  • Your judgment and reasoning skills a.k.a. problem-solving 
  • Your memory 
  • Basic math skills 
You're not suppose to be tested on your knowledge of police procedures and policies or the laws. This is a federal mandate. But the more you KNOW about these things the BETTER your test scores will be. Here's why; 

Some agencies will give you study material in advance and you may be expected to answer questions regarding police procedures. But this is not to test you on them , it's to test your reading comprehension and memory. This is why you need to know how to handle both the aptitude and knowledge tests. But you will be tested on your judgment and common sense as they relate to police situations. Therefore, your knowledge of police rules and procedures will be a definite advantage. 

Naturally, we can't predict what every police agency will include on their test. There are 1000s of police departments in the US and Canada. But police judgment questions are basically universal. A police officer in Chicago, IL will generally handle a domestic dispute the same way a police officer in Austin, TX would. 

A major portion of the Police Exam E-book is dedicated to showing you how to handle common everyday police situations. This will help you tremendously in both the written and oral exams 

Key To Getting a High Score On The Police Exam Is knowing how to handle Police Judgment Questions. With The Police Exam Ebook you'll answer Police Judgment Questions like an experience POLICE OFFICER!. 

Learn Police Test Strategies Much Easier & Faster! 

What Makes The Police Exam E-book Stand Out Over The Competition? 

Here's why You'll Get More From The Police Exam E-book;

The Learning Power Of Electronic-Books 

Now you can take advantage of  The Wave of the Future, E-Learning. You'll learn Police Test Strategies FASTER. And Recall More

 According to Dr. Ronald Marks, marketing professor at the University of Missouri, studies claim that people can learn up to 200% faster, pay  26% more attention, and retain 38% more , since multimedia  presentations ( including Electronic-Books), engage all the senses. The  BENEFITS of E-Learning include; control of content delivery. increased speed, less distractions, better focus and concentration

E-Books are easy to use! Navigation through the eBook is a snap because it looks like you are using a scaled down version of a web browser. As a result, it's a breeze to use for anyone who has ever used the Internet because you are essentially surfing through your publication! Features such as "Back", "Forward" "Print", and "Search" are available to make viewing the eBook extremely straightforward. 

You'll learn Test Strategies much easier and faster. 

Testimonial of someone who is on his way to a law enforcement career

"I am extremely interested in anything you publish in the future. Because of your E book, I have already improved my test taking skills and scores. My scores are going up higher with each test I take. I have already learned a lot about police policies and procedures. I wanted to also thank you very much or your first version. I have completed all of the testing with a sheriff's department and have been given an offer of employment!  I start Oct. 1st.  There were originally approximately 500 applicants. They only took the top 50 from for the physical fitness test, and the rest of the testing. I ended up in the top ten.  They took 9 of us to the hiring meeting, and hired three applicants only.  I was the second one hired!  I'm extremely excited, and I wanted you to know that I owe it all to your E-Book!  I read your book verbatim  and took all of the practice tests twice.  I was able to score an 89 percent on very hard test because of this knowledge. Thank you very much, and I look forward to future publications."  A. Leonard


Our Amazing E-Book Retails For Only $49.00. 

When you take all the benefits into consideration your return on the investment will be 
excellent. The manual costs less than most college text books, and is easier to use. 

No waiting for the mail.  You can access this fantastic online manual as soon as your order is approved. Read it right off of your monitor, or print selected pages so you can study on the couch, in bed or wherever you like. 

Order This Highly Effective, Police Written Test Guide Now, And Give Yourself A Major Edge In Getting Started In A Law Enforcement Career!


We absolutely guarantee the Police Exam E-Book will help you Get TOP SCORES On The Police Exam.

If you're not completely satisfied with the manual, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund your  money with no questions asked. So there is no good reason for not ordering. The risk is very low and the benefits are very high. 

Thank you, 

CFI Research Company. 

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Once your ordering information is processed, which is usually within 24 hours, you can simply download your Police Exam eBook from the Internet, receiving your purchase immediately without any extra costs to you. There is NO shipping or handling charges. 

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